ICE – Hawaii’s Crystal Meth Epidemic

This film reveals the fascinating history of methamphetamine and how addiction affects the community at large. Addiction is linked directly to increase in violent crime, child abuse, elder and spousal abuse, theft and rising insurance rates, social services, medical costs and human costs that transcend the financial ruin that meth has had across the nation.

TRT:      60 min.


Candid interviews with ice addicts, children of addicts, and young mothers in their 20s who have given birth to meth addicted infants, foster parents who adopt these babies and who share authentic stories in this very special presentation. When released, the film was seen on every network affiliate in an historical statewide simulcast broadcast commercial free.

A companion film viewers guide is available to encourage use of the film as a teaching tool for educators, community leaders, and families.


Documentary, investigative, crime

Documentary, awareness, drugs

Educational, drugs, prevention

Educational, drugs, history